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I’m in the creative doldrums at the moment, so just messing around and reworking the same pose in different styles. Currently thinking about Francis Bacon’s figures and the film Metropolis as they seem to sum up the state of the world at the moment. Graphite on A1 paper (84x59cm), acrylic on A0 paper (168x118cm)

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Work In Progress Sculpture

Taking a Line for a Walk in Cartesian Space (work in progress sculpture)

This is the current state of my latest work in progress reclaimed metal sculpture. Forgot to measure it (again), but approx 1m high x 1.5m wide x 2m long (39″ x 59″ x 79″). Current working title: ‘Recumbent Figure in Cartesian Space’ or ‘Taking a Line For a Walk in 3 Dimensional Space. Doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue, so any better suggestions gratefully received!

The caption from the original post is summarised below, but I’ve also realised that the piece is about inviting the viewer to help ‘complete’ the piece by analysing the ‘negative’ and ‘positive’ space in order to decide what is ‘figure’ and what is ‘ground’. I was tempted to use Captain Beefheart’s Zigzag Wanderer soundtrack again, but thought the workshop sounds might add authenticity and interest!

This piece is based on the well-known Paul Klee quote that ‘Drawing is taking a line for a walk. In this piece I’m trying to take the line for a walk in 3 dimensional Cartesian space (x, y and z axes) in order to evoke a reclining female figure and – hopefully – provide just enough clues for an observer to work out what it is. The intention is to suggest planes and volumes without actually using any so that the observer is invited to quite literally ‘fill in the gaps’. On circling the figure, the hope is that certain familiar shapes will offer themselves for recognition (playing with ideas of ‘schema and correction’ after E.H. Gombrich’s book, Art and Illusion) whilst other – previously recognised shapes – will ‘disappear’ as they are seen from different angles (playing with ideas of focus versus peripheral vision)

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New Painting: The Ugly Duchess

The Ugly Duchess

New painting (oil on canvas 61.7cm x 61.7 cm/24.3in x 24.3in). It’s based on the satirical portrait, The Ugly Duchess, by Quentin Matsys (1513), and is a portrait of Klaus Schwab, head honcho at the World Economic Forum, who’s promoting the idea that ‘we’ eat insects. It’s the first of the Momus series of satirical portraits of the great and the good. Tentative titles: The Ugly Duchess (obvs…); Let Them Eat Cucaracha; WEF? WTF?! Other suggestions gratefully received. He/she was originally holding a bright green locust, but I thought that might be even more off-putting. This painting is for sale… 

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Denbighshire and District Art Society Portrait Demo

Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730
Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730

Here’s a self-portrait sketch made during a live portrait demo for the Denbighshire and District Art Society this afternoon. Graphite on A1 paper (84 x 59.5 cm) in approx 50 minutes. I also attempted a portrait of a Ukrainian lady who kindly volunteered to sit, however my sketch didn’t do her justice so I’m too embarrassed to post it! Still, it was good practice and great fun meeting and chatting with everyone! My thanks to Chris and the DAS for inviting me.

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Bacchus and Ariadne


My drawing, Bacchus and Ariadne (after Titian), sadly didn’t make the shortlist at the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize but congratulations to those who did! On the plus side, it’s now available so please DM if interested! It’s a Cubist-inspired piece that takes liberties with perspective to explore Titian’s use of the figures and ground in his wonderful painting in order to describe the space they inhabit. Graphite on A1 paper (84cm x 59cm). Supplied mounted and framed.

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