Studio Practice


20221009 1

Still wrestling with creative ennui on the studio, so continuing to focus on reworking just one pose. Currently obsessed with Francis Bacon’s figures and especially his use of random shadows. Creativity tip: keeping the studio (garage) door closed and blasting music out at high volume really helps to drown out my thoughts and allow the paint to ‘speak’. All acrylic on A1 paper (84 x 59cm/23 x 33in)

Denbighshire and District Art Society Portrait Demo

Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730
Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730

Here’s a self-portrait sketch made during a live portrait demo for the Denbighshire and District Art Society this afternoon. Graphite on A1 paper (84 x 59.5 cm) in approx 50 minutes. I also attempted a portrait of a Ukrainian lady who kindly volunteered to sit, however my sketch didn’t do her justice so I’m too embarrassed to post it! Still, it was good practice and great fun meeting and chatting with everyone! My thanks to Chris and the DAS for inviting me.

Life Drawings 21/02/2022


First life drawing class since June of last year. It was also the first time I’ve picked up a paintbrush in 2 months, as I took some time out to do some reading and thinking. Acrylic/graphite on A1 paper (84cm x 59cm)

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