Denbighshire and District Art Society Portrait Demo

Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730
Live Portrait Demo with Denbighshire Art Soc 20220730

Here’s a self-portrait sketch made during a live portrait demo for the Denbighshire and District Art Society this afternoon. Graphite on A1 paper (84 x 59.5 cm) in approx 50 minutes. I also attempted a portrait of a Ukrainian lady who kindly volunteered to sit, however my sketch didn’t do her justice so I’m too embarrassed to post it! Still, it was good practice and great fun meeting and chatting with everyone! My thanks to Chris and the DAS for inviting me.

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IAG Workshop with Jeremy Yates


The following paintings are the results from a recent IAG workshop with Jeremy Yates in Menai Bridge. It was hard work, but we all had a great time and the weather was very kind to us.


Menai Bridge Study(oil on canvas board 15cm x 15cm x 3)



Menai Bridge Bowling Club Gardens (oil on canvas boards 30cm x 30cm x 2)


Rusty Shed, Menai Bridge Study (oil on panels 30cm x 21cm x 3)


Menai Bridge Rooftops (oil on canvas board 30cm x 30cm)

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Joanna Evans Workshop


Frank Auerbach (acrylic on canvas board 60cm x 60cm)

This painting was the result of attending a workshop with Joanna Evans. The original objective was to imagine an artist wearing a hat and to paint them in a way which represents their style or associated artistic movement.

Unfortunately, despite several attempts to be as bold as Frank, I still ended up producing a rather literal interpretation, as well as neglecting to put a hat on him (I think he’d be wearing a coal miner’s helmet to protect him as he excavates the truth in his paintings). I also made his eyes too big, so he looks a little bit like Gollum. Sorry Frank…

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Landscape Drawing Week With Mike Knowles


These paintings are the result of attending the Island Art Group landscape workshop at Llaneilian in the north of Anglesey. Mike Knowles provided tuition and guidance, as well as useful constructive criticism.

I chose to focus on Mynydd Parys (Parys Mountain), which, according to Wikipedia, “dominated the world’s copper market during the 1780s, when the mine was the largest in Europe.”

I used oils and a palette knife for a change, whilst continuing to investigate the use of flat planes to try and portray the sense of space in the main quarry itself, as well as the staggering array of colours to be seen in the waste materials.

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Landscape Workshop with Tim Iliffe


These pictures are from a fantastic landscape workshop at Tim Iliffe’s beautiful farm near Llanfairfechan on Saturday.

Tim encouraged us to ‘respond’ to the landscape rather than just ‘record’ it, starting with charcoal, then monochrome, before moving on to a full palette.

I was inspired by the variety and geometry of the plant leaves as well as by the dazzling colours.

All pictures A1 size (59cm x 81cm).

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