Landscape Drawing Week With Mike Knowles

These paintings are the result of attending the Island Art Group landscape workshop at Llaneilian in the north of Anglesey. Mike Knowles provided tuition and guidance, as well as useful constructive criticism.

I chose to focus on Mynydd Parys (Parys Mountain), which, according to Wikipedia, “dominated the world’s copper market during the 1780s, when the mine was the largest in Europe.”

I used oils and a palette knife for a change, whilst continuing to investigate the use of flat planes to try and portray the sense of space in the main quarry itself, as well as the staggering array of colours to be seen in the waste materials.

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  1. That’d be cool, although I think I need to work on them some more! The three square ones are 60cm x 60cm and the small one is 40cm x 30cm.

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