Visual Artists Association

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I thought I’d mention that I recently joined the https://visual-artists.org/. If you’re an artist looking for help and support to take your business to the next level, then look no further! They are a team of very experienced and incredibly enthusiastic people with loads to offer in terms of advice, guides, templates and hugely informative webinars, not to mention insurance and mentorship. Highly recommended!

Take Four Art Exhibition

Well that was a hectic few days, but I’m glad to say the Take Four art exhibition is now up and running! It’s in the David Hughes Centre in Beaumaris and is open from 10am to 5pm every day from now until Bank Holiday Monday 30th August. There’s some great work on display by Jenny Armour, Mike Linford and ceramicist Jill Plews. Hope you can make it!

Un-submitted AAAC Painting

Invented Figure in Invented Space (oil on canvas 100cm x 70cm)

This is the painting that didn’t make it to the AAAC judging. It’s loosely based on an early life drawing sketch, together with some of the folded paper maquette sculptures I’m trying to incorporate into my art practice. I’m not sure what to call it. It’s supposed to be a 2D colour sculpture, or an ‘Invented Figure in Invented Space’, to appropriate one of David Hockney’s concepts. Technically, it should be called ‘Untitled II’, since that’s what it was on the entry form! Let me know if you have any (printable!) suggestions for a title in the comments!
(Oil on canvas 100cm x 70cm)

AAAC Submissions 2020

Wow, that was hard going! We had to submit the application form for the AAAC (Association of Anglesey Arts Clubs) Biennial Exhibition back on the 1st November, but I didn’t have any previously unexhibited work available, so I filled my entry form in with 8 pieces called ‘Untitled I’ to ‘Untitled VIII’! Original, huh?! Since then, I’ve been trying to generate those 8 pieces, all whilst wrestling with my first dose of ‘artist’s block’. Grim… I managed 5 pieces in total (including only finishing the charcoal nude at midnight on Sunday) but couldn’t get 1 piece framed in time to submit yesterday, so the attached pictures are the 4 that made into the selection process. Fingers crossed they get in!
1. Charcoal on paper 80cm x 60cm
2. Monotype on paper 42cm x 30cm
3. Dry point etching on paper 30cm x 30cm
4. Oil on linen 100cm x 80cm (this isn’t the finished state of the painting, as I forgot to photograph it before submitting…)
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Pictures from Chester Arts Fair 2018

Now that it’s over, here are some pictures from the Chester Arts Fair. This was my first ever art fair, and I must say I found the whole thing hugely enjoyable.

The live portrait demo in front of a roomful of people was somewhat daunting, but great fun and I’m very grateful to Neil for volunteering to sit. Hopefully, he enjoyed the experience and the result!

I met loads of fascinating people, both artists and collectors. If you stopped to look at my work and have a chat, I just want to say a big ‘Thank you!’ I really appreciated hearing your comments and feedback, and you definitely helped validate the direction I feel my work is taking.