Aquatint Experiments


Aquatint and etching experiments on zinc and aluminium (with very mixed results!), plus first attempt at an aquatint, ‘The Plague Doctor’ (etching and aquatint on A4 paper after copper engraving of Dr Schnabel circa 1656)

Linocut Printmaking Variations


‘This week I am mostly going to be printmaking…’ #fastshowquote. These are variations on a theme that I did last year, including my first attempt at a ‘blind emboss’ print (the plain white one that looks like a blank piece of paper right at the end!) Please let me know in the comments which one you prefer. These are an open edition, so DM me if you’re interested. (variable/openeditionlinocut on A4 paper 21cm x 28cm)

First Steel Plate Etching


First Etched Steel Plate

First Steel Etching Print

This is my first attempt at steel plate etching, under the guidance of David Bower. It needs further etching to increase the value range, but it’s exciting to see the variety and quality of marks that are possible with this technique!

Monotype Printing Experiments

Seated Nude Monotype

Monotype- -

Monotype- -


These are the results of a hugely enjoyable afternoon in August spent learning about monotype printing with David Bower.

Monotype is described as the most painterly technique of printmaking and it’s really liberating to see what sort of marks can be made.

I love the fact that, unlike other printmaking techniques, you get instant feedback on how it’s going to look and it’s so easy to correct errors, or even start again.