AAAC Submissions 2020

Wow, that was hard going! We had to submit the application form for the AAAC (Association of Anglesey Arts Clubs) Biennial Exhibition back on the 1st November, but I didn’t have any previously unexhibited work available, so I filled my entry form in with 8 pieces called ‘Untitled I’ to ‘Untitled VIII’! Original, huh?! Since then, I’ve been trying to generate those 8 pieces, all whilst wrestling with my first dose of ‘artist’s block’. Grim… I managed 5 pieces in total (including only finishing the charcoal nude at midnight on Sunday) but couldn’t get 1 piece framed in time to submit yesterday, so the attached pictures are the 4 that made into the selection process. Fingers crossed they get in!
1. Charcoal on paper 80cm x 60cm
2. Monotype on paper 42cm x 30cm
3. Dry point etching on paper 30cm x 30cm
4. Oil on linen 100cm x 80cm (this isn’t the finished state of the painting, as I forgot to photograph it before submitting…)
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