New Painting: The Ugly Duchess

The Ugly Duchess

New painting (oil on canvas 61.7cm x 61.7 cm/24.3in x 24.3in). It’s based on the satirical portrait, The Ugly Duchess, by Quentin Matsys (1513), and is a portrait of Klaus Schwab, head honcho at the World Economic Forum, who’s promoting the idea that ‘we’ eat insects. It’s the first of the Momus series of satirical portraits of the great and the good. Tentative titles: The Ugly Duchess (obvs…); Let Them Eat Cucaracha; WEF? WTF?! Other suggestions gratefully received. He/she was originally holding a bright green locust, but I thought that might be even more off-putting. This painting is for sale… 

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New Painting: Self, isolated

new-painting-self-isolated- -scaled

New painting: “Self, isolated” (oils and marble dust on wooden panel 61cmx 61cm). Would you believe it’s supposed to be a self portrait? It’s inspired by the Laocoön sculpture and by Picasso’s painting of ‘Woman dressing her hair‘, and is an attempt to sum up the feelings of claustrophobia and depersonalisation brought about by the lockdowns.

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Latest Commission: Christ Cubified

Christ Cubified (Oil on Panel 75cm x 50cm)

Finally finished my latest commission, ‘Christ Cubified’ (oil on panel 75cm x 50cm). My sincere thanks to Tony for setting me such a challenging theme and for his patience in awaiting its completion!
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SkyArts Portrait Artist of the Week – Will Young

SkyArts PAOTW Will Young (Oil on Board 61cm x 61cm)

Is it wrong to hope that lockdown never ends so that @skyarts don’t ever stop running #PAOTW? It’s such great fun! This is my attempt at painting @willyoungofficial in 4 hours whilst being gobsmacked by the incredible speed and skill of @hoookart. I really struggled to get a likeness with this one, but Will was an absolute hoot to listen to, and Christian had some really fascinating things to say about being an artist. Just love this program! (Oil on panel 61cm x 61cm)

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SkyArts Portrait Artist of the Week 3 – Reworked

SkyArts-Portrait-Artist-of-the-Week- -Entry-Rankin-reworked
SkyArts-Portrait-Artist-of-the-Week- -Entry-Rankin-reworked

Here’s my second attempt at painting @rankinarchive after watching @mimma_art on #skyarts/#artistoftheyear Portrait Artist of the Week’ Facebook feed. Thanks to all involved. Can’t wait for the next one! (Oil on panel 61cm x 61cm)
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