Ucheldre Centre Scrap Metal Workshop


Earlier this week I took part in a 3 day Scrap Metal Workshop held in the Holyhead Ucheldre Centre and which was run by Graham Jenkinson, whose expertise and friendliness made it a really relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable affair.

It was great fun rooting through containers of metal, searching for pieces of scrap metal with interesting shapes and colours, then joining them together to form recognisable(?) objects.

There were about 6-8 of us attending each day, all of varied artistic backgrounds and ages , and most with little or no experience of welding, so it was a relief that the arc welder used to join the pieces together turned out to be far less daunting to operate than it first looked. What was most fascinating was to see the results of all creativity each day.

The two images attached are the results of my three days (as well as being my first attempts at producing gifs.)

All in all, it was great fun and I would highly recommend having a go!

My thanks to Phoenix Metals in Gaerwen, who were kind enough to donate some of the materials used.



(P.S. In case anyone is interested, I produced the gifs simply by:

1. taking several photographs

2. converting them to individual gif files using the free Paint.net (also making sure to optimise the image size for my blogging platform – n.b. WordPress)

3. dragging and dropping the converted images into the free UnFreez software in order to generate the gif

4. uploading the animated gif file to my blog (For info: WordPress required the gif images to be inserted ‘full size’ rather than ‘thumbnail’ in order for the animation to work))

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