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New LookDraw Tumblr site

Just to mention that I’ve created a new Look Draw Tumblr site as a separate repository for all class-based work, figure drawings, work in progress and sketches etc. The link can also be found on the right hand menu bar on the home page.

Counting the steps at Southstack Lighthouse

New Painting: Counting the Steps (South Stack Lighthouse)

This was painted as a submission to the Ucheldre Centre‘s Art for All competition 2013. The colours are intentionally brighter and the rather idealised/dreamlike composition (which is actually a ‘collage’ of the key elements experienced when walking up and down the steps), hopefully gives more of a sense of the vertigo-inducing view than the previous …

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A Bigger Station (Acrylic on canvas 100cm x 80cm)

New Painting: A Bigger Station (Holyhead)

This painting of Holyhead Station was completed in response to further reading of David Hockney’s various musings, specifically in Hockney on Art: Conversations with Paul Joyce, and A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney by Martin Gayford, on the need to resist the ‘tyranny of the lens’ in painting. Shamefully, I missed Hockney’s 2012 exhibition at the …

New Painting: A Bigger Station (Holyhead) Read More »

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