New Painting: Seated Nude I

Seated Figure I
Seated Figure I

This is a painting developed from a previous preparatory piece, Seated Nude I Study.

I was thinking of the faceted figures painted by Picasso & Braque in their early Analytical Cubism phase and trying to seeing what would happen if I increased the number of planes/facets portrayed compared with my attempts at less faceted paintings such as ‘The Sculpture Garden’.

I’m keen to investigate if it’s possible to find a mid point between the beautiful, flat – almost ‘colour field’ – Abstract Realism(?) of artists like Milton Avery and Etel Adnan, and the faceted, almost 3D approach of the Cubists, in order to try and produce work that looks 2D and 3D at the same time.

It’s painted in acrylics on canvas board and is supplied unframed.

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