New Paintings: Self-Portraits

I’ve painted a few self-portraits over the past couple of years, despite the fact that my family always mock me for portraying myself with a double-chin. I think the most commonly used phrase is ‘Dad, you look like a frog…’ but to my way of thinking, I’m just trying to earn myself the right to ‘paint what I see’.

This first picture won second prize in the Holyhead ‘Art for All’ exhibition held at the Ucheldre Centre in 2009(?)

Self-Portrait (Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm)
Self-Portrait (Oil on Canvas 50cm x 60cm)

This second drawing hasn’t photographed well, due to being behind glass, so it appears overexposed.

Distance (Charcoal on Paper 41cm x 30cm)

This third sketch was accepted into the Kyffin Williams Drawing competition exhibition held in Oriel Ynys Môn in Llangefni. It was drawn with a mirror propped on my lap so as to produce a slightly disorientating view and was done in a mad rush on the last day that they were accepting entries, due to the fact that I got the dates mixed up!

Self-portrait 3 (Pencil on coloured paper 59cm x 42cm)

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