New Painting: Sunny Day on Parys Mountain

Sunny Day on Parys Mountain (Oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm)

This is my latest painting which was worked up from a plein air sketch produced during the Mike Knowles landscape painting week at the beginning of the month.

In it, I am seeking to recreate the memory of the dazzling array of colours on show, as well as the feeling of distance and space in the huge, man-made quarry.

By returning once again to using flat shapes, I’m continuing to investigate and attempting to highlight the contradictions inherent in representing such a vast scene on a flat surface with only the thickness of the paint to differentiate between the ‘figure’ and ‘ground’.

During the workshop, Mike had suggested I look into the work of Nicolas de Stael and so I experimented with laying heavy impasto paint on with a palette knife when reworking this piece.

I’d love to know which you prefer; the finished piece or the original sketch (or neither!), so please drop me a line and tell me which is your preference and why!


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