Website Maintenance Complete

After a hectic few weeks my website,, is now updated with a new look and feel using a theme kindly provided by the folks at aThemes as a result of which it should be a lot more user/mobile friendly.

It now has an online shop powered by WooCommerce which accepts secure payments via Paypal.

I’ve also added an About┬ápage, which summarises my approach to art (Pretentious? Moi?)

I’ve added a signup prompt for a Weekly Newsletter which will be published every Friday (please let me know if the pop-up gets too annoying).

Finally, it’s now configured so that new posts will automatically appear on my AndyDobbieArt Facebook page. I’ve got a lot of posts in the pipeline so apologies in advance for spamming you…

Please check it out and like/share it if you can.

Any and all constructive criticism is gratefully received, so please let me know if there are performance issues, animations are too annoying, or if there’s anything about the new format you don’t like and I’ll do my best to address them!

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