Life Drawing Class

Life Drawings 21/02/2022

First life drawing class since June of last year. It was also the first time I’ve picked up a paintbrush in 2 months, as I took some time out to do some reading and thinking. Acrylic/graphite on A1 paper (84cm x 59cm) #lifedrawing #figurepainting #model #acrylicpainting #graphitedrawing #drawing #painting #practicepracticepractice #backinthesaddle #art #artist #anglesey #ynysmĂ´n …

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Life drawings 05/10/20

Life drawings 5/10/20. Still trying to let go of representation and local colour, so tried to keep in mind Matisse’s Blue Nude as well as Picasso’s maximum, ‘If you don’t have red, use blue’. Acrylic, acrylic, pastels, ink & charcoal all on A1 paper (81x59cm)

Life Drawing 8/9/2020

Studies from the first (socially distanced) life drawing class a few weeks back. Such a pleasure to be drawing and painting again and meeting other artists. (All A1 size on paper 84cm x 59cm. 1 acrylic, 2 hrs. 2 charcoal and chalk, 1 hr. 3 acrylic, 30mins. 4 soft pastels, multiple 5 min poses)