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The Sculpture Garden II

Acrylic on Canvas (41cm x 41cm)

New Painting: Incoming Tide, Gorad Beach

This is a recently completed commission, titled ‘Incoming Tide, Gorad Beach’. It’s painted in impasto acrylics on wooden panel (80cm X 60cm)


Acrylic on canvas board (30cm x 30cm)

New Painting: The Mona Lisa

Flashe Vinyl on Canvas (63cm x 43cm)

New Painting: Evidence of Objects

Flashe Vinyl on Canvas (92cm x 61cm)

New Drawing: Self-isolated portrait as Laocoön

Graphite on paper (75cm x 50cm)

New drawing: Isolation

Charcoal on Paper (60cm x 60cm)

The Space Between Us III

Flashe Vinyl on Canvas (61cm x 92cm)

Angles of Incidence

Oil on Canvas (100cm x 70cm)

New Painting: Reclining Nude IV

Oil on Canvas Board (50cm x 40cm)

Reclining Nude VI

Oil on canvas (50cm x 60cm)


Flashe vinyl on canvas board (15cm x 15cm)

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