Artist’s Statement

I paint pictures that seek to explore how we make visual sense of the physical world around us.

My work starts with observation from life during which I produce large, loose sketches of people, objects and places. These act as a record of the colours, values and shapes that most interest me. In particular, I am seeking examples that highlight our ability to observe the varied and confusing effects of light striking different surfaces and planes and, yet, still interpret them as forms in space.

Back in the studio, I reinterpret those sketches to further accentuate those aspects which invite further scrutiny. During this process, I also introduce fragments of memories of related objects and scenes from the past in order to enhance the sensation of changes in perspective as a result of the passage of time.

My objective is to achieve a point of balance between figuration and abstraction, such that the painting oscillates in the eyes of the viewer between the portrayal of recognisable objects in a believable visual arena, and the undeniable flatness that is the result of the act of painting on a picture surface; between truth and lie.

It has been said that all art is dialogue; a two-way conversation between the artist and the viewer, which is only complete once it has generated a response. To this end, I try to make work that poses thought-provoking, open-ended questions that invite further consideration and discussion.